GDPR Compliant Artificial Intelligence

Your Guide to GDPR Compliant AI 

The General Data Privacy Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a sweeping new set of privacy regulations enacted by the European Union. Organizations that don't comply face fines of up to four percent of an organization's global revenue. 

The GDPR has drastically changed the way enterprises use data from the EU. We've created this GDPR playbook to illustrate how companies can easily apply data privacy and anonymization policies to enterprise data science programs, including how to: 

  • Mask personal data within a data set, in accordance with the GDPR's "pseudonymization" procedures 
  • Minimize the data, in accordance with the regulation's minimizations requirements
  • Limit the use of the data to the purpose "Legal Research"  

To learn more, download the playbook now. 

Download the Playbook

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