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Data Management Platform

Take a look into the Immuta data management platform, which allows data scientists, data owners, and governance teams to work together to connect to any data from any tool, and enforce any regulation - without having to write any code.

Who should listen:

  • Data owners who need to securely connect, manage, and monitor data 
  • Governance professionals who need to control their data environment
  • Data scientists who need fast, personalized access to data

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Get an overview of the Immuta platform 
  • Hear two Immuta case studies
  • See Immuta in action with a live demo
  • Participate in a Q&A to get your questions about Immuta answered


Matt Vogt

Global Director of Solution Architecture, Immuta

Matt Vogt is the Global Director of Solutions Architect for Immuta. Matt has over 15 years experience in architecture and engineering in large scale enterprise data center infrastructure. Matt came to Immuta from Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he was a Chief Technologist working with enterprises on their Hybrid Cloud initiatives.

With Immuta, you can access data in seconds that would have taken months to get.

Watch the Webinar

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